About Returpack

Returpack is responsible for the Swedish deposit systems for metal cans and recyclable PET bottles for ready to drink beverages. We are a privately owned company and our mission derives from the Swedish government, as well as from our owners. Pantamera is the brand that we use in all our marketing communication.

Customers & Partners

Customers & Partners

About 95 percent of our volume is collected in food retail markets. We have approximately 12 500 customers of different types, from big supermarkets to small cafés, sports clubs, airports etc. Around 3 000 of these have their own Reverse Vending Machines.

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Breweries & Importers

Breweries & Importers

Since 2006, a regulation has been in force stating that all parties professionally serving or importing drinks ready for consumption in plastic bottles or metal cans must ensure that the product is included in an approved return system.

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Facts & Figures 2019
2,15 Billion
cans and PET bottles was recycled
43 114 tons
of material was produced in our factory
Year 2025
all of our domestic transports will be fossil-free
cans and PET bottles was recycled per person in Sweden
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