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Deposit handling for recycling centers

Pantamera Express at recycling centers

At recycling centers around the country, there are now almost 60 large RVMs, Pantamera Express. In Pantamera Express, your visitors easily empty entire bags with cans and PET bottles in one compartment. Pantamera Express, like other RVMs, also accepts imported beverage cans, which make up the largest proportion of cans that are otherwise thrown in metal recycling. The vending machine counts and sorts about 100 packages in a few minutes, after which the user can choose to have his money paid out to his bank account, via vouchers that can be bought in the grocery store - or to donate the money to charity.

  • At a recycling center, you can usually park near the Pantamera Express, which makes it easier if the visitor has large amounts of deposit.
  • The machine's capacity and operational reliability mean a fast process, and anyone with a large amount of cans and bottles can feel welcome.
  • When you can pour the deposit directly from the bag, you do not have to touch each individual can or bottle.

Alternative deposit management at recycling centers

Even at smaller recycling centers, visitors want to be able to leave their deposit. We have developed a solution where the recycling center places a number of collection containers in plastic where visitors can leave their deposit. When the recycling center has collected the agreed number of bags, our transporters will come and pick them up. We pay compensation per bag - and the money goes in full to the donation recipient chosen by the recycling center.