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Pantamera Express - business model

Pantamera Express - business model

Storage, emptying, maintenance and transport

Returpack is responsible for the emptying costs and transport of the deposit to the facility in Norrköping. The deposit is stored in plastic containers or dump containers in the vending machine. Returpack picks up the deposit when the load carriers are full. The recycling center is responsible for daily supervision in the form of cleaning and simple troubleshooting. Returpack is responsible for service and measures in the event of major operational disruptions.


Returpack compensates the recycling center with a handling fee for each collected can and PET bottle (guarantee compensation. The compensation is calculated to cover costs for the daily maintenance, land, electricity as well as simple troubleshooting. Returpack pays for the purchase of the vending machine, transport, repairs and service.

Approved deposit packaging

  • Undamaged beverage cans with a deposit symbol.
  • Foreign beverage cans without a deposit symbol.
  • Swedish PET bottles with a deposit symbol.

Not approved packaging

Glass bottles, plastic bottles, damaged aluminum cans and PET bottles without a swedish deposit symbol are returned by the vending machine and must be recycled in another way.

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