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Connect your products to the deposit system

Do you want to connect your products to the Swedish deposit system? You can easily register your products with us. We have listed a few things that can be good to know.

Connect your products to the deposit system

Become a customer – This is how it works

Our ambition is that it should be easy to be a Pantamera customer, that is why we have created My Pages. Here we gather all the information that is relevant to you.

To access My Pages, you need a personal Pantamera account. You create this easily with BankID. If you do not have a BankID, it is also possible to create an account using email and password.

Link/connect existing business to your Pantamera account

If you have previously logged in to your customer web with a username or e-mail address, use the e-mail address that you have previously registered with us and you will receive a link to connect the business to your new account.

Link/connect a new business to your Pantamera account

To link a new business to your Pantamera account, select the type of business you want to connect and follow the instructions.

On My Pages you can:

  • Register new articles
  • Manage existing articles
  • Sales report. You can also adjust sales reports up to one year back in time.
  • See invoices
  • Order deposit labels
  • As an administrator, you also have access to manage the company's contact information and manage users of My Pages
Agreement with Returpack

When you have created a Pantamera-account you can connect it with your business. konto kan du koppla ihop det med din verksamhet. When you register your business you need to sign an agreement with Returpack. It is necessery that your company is registerd for F-tax and VAT in Sweden. For companies outside Sweden but within the EEA, VAT registration (VAT number) is sufficient. The processing takes about three weeks.