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This is how it works

When you register your campsite with the deposit system, we will help you find a solution. We have options that suit both larger and smaller campsites.

Deposit igloos with pick-up

Large campsites in some areas may be allowed to borrow deposit igloos. Pantamera takes care of picking up and transporting the deposit. The service is free, the only thing we want is for the payment for the deposit to be used for investments in the environment and sustainability.

Collect in plastic containers

A plastic container often covers the needs for smaller and medium-sized resorts. The deposit is collected in bags that are then transported to Pantamera in one of the following ways:

  • Send the deposit with your beverage supplier
    For you who buy your beverage through a supplier can send back your deposit bags in conjunction with your deliviery. The deposit is counted when it arrives at the facility in Norrköping. Thereafter we pay the deposit to your specified bank/plus giro account.
  • Deposit in a reverse vending machine
    If you do not have a beverage supplier and there are not a lot of deposit packaging, you can always go to a store with a reverse vending machine and deposit by yourself.