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Involvement & Sponsorship

Involvement & Sponsorship

Returpack wants to be a positive force in society and work together for sustainable development.

Social responsibility and environmental considerations go hand in hand

For us, it is crucial for our commitment to include social responsibility and environmental benefits, and to be clearly linked to the collection of deposits and/or the acquisition of knowledge. Since 2015, we are one of the main sponsors of Svensk Innebandy (the Swedish Floorball Association). The collaboration is about together creating opportunities for today's and tomorrow's floorball players to take responsibility for a sustainable society, by raising awareness of issues of sustainability and recycling, and depositing in particular.

Examples of collaborations

We are founders of Håll Sverige Rent (The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation) and thus support their work for a Sweden where no one litters. Together, we can, among other things, influence both individuals and municipalities to take greater responsibility for sorting and recycling, for example through our “pantrör”, a kind of deposit pipes.

We also support Städa Sverige (only in swedish), the sports environmental organization, which works to offer associations cleaning projects in outdoor environments; an activity for the environment but also with the aim of strengthening community, cohesion and economy.

Together with Stiftelsen Friends, we have developed a concept #pantamotmobbning (only in swedish).

In our self-owned reversed vending machines, Pantamera Express, there is always an opportunity to donate your deposit money to a good cause, it could be Keep Sweden Tidy, Doctors Without Borders, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund, etc.