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Deposit pickup

Once you have registered as a customer with us and we have approved your application, we will send out labels to you. The labels are marked with your customer number and must be affixed to all bags that you send to us, so that we can register the deposit for your business. When the labels start to run out, our system detects it, and automatically orders new labels. For the system to work,it is important that you only put one label per bag sealer, with which you close the bag.

You buy bags and bag closures through your beverage supplier or wholesaler, who are also the ones who pick up the bags when you have filled them with deposit packages. The beverage supplier or wholesaler transports the deposit to an intermediate warehouse where we pick it up with our remote vehicles and transport it to our facility in Norrköping.


There can be no rubbish, leftover food or glass in the bags as this will damage our equipment and create inconvenience to our staff. As a result, no compensation is paid for those bags. Each can and bottle's EAN code is scanned for payment. Moisture and debris in the bags make reading difficult and you risk getting paid too little. We recommend that you separate cans and PET bottles as remains from the drink in the cans can damage the labels of the PET bottles.