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Deposit statistics

Deposit statistics

In Sweden, our goal is for 90 percent of all cans and PET bottles to be recycled and in the last few years we have been just below that number, which makes us one of the best countries in the world to deposit. It is the government through the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency that decides the recycling targets. The Swedish Board of Agriculture is the responsible supervisory authority. Every year, we compile statistics on how much is deposited, and thus can be recycled into new cans and bottles.

Recycling in percent in 2023:

Cans: 89,5%
PET total: 86,2%
Total: 88,5%

Recycling number per person:

Total: 258 pieces

Sales, total number of packages:

3.09 billion packages

Recycling, total number of packages:

2.72 billion packages

Recycled material, tons:

Aluminium: 25 308

Clear PET material: 22 329

Coloured PET material: 1 718

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