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Leave your collected deposit at one of our deposit points

Leave your collected deposit at one of our deposit points

As an association customer you can choose to leave your collected cans and bottles in Pantameras specialized bags to deposit points around the country. We send you bags and labels which you fill with cans and bottles and leave with one of the deposit points. When we have collected your bags we pay you a standard compensation of SEK 200 per bag. Your fans will also be able to donate their deposit to your association when they deposit in our Pantamera Express machines, even if your association don't deposit in Pantamera Express.

What you need to know is:
  • Use only Pantamera´s green plastic bags, intended for associations.
  • Sort cans and plastic bottles in different bags, and the bags need to be full. The packaging must be empty.
  • Each bag must be marked with your special label, stick it to the plastic closing ribbon.
  • Only leave a maximum of 5 bags per submission.
  • Agree with the store on the day of submission.
Connect your association to our association concept

As an association customer, you have access to the customer portal My pages. Here you can easily follow your errands, see statistics on how you deposit and your paid compensation. Here you can also add or delete users. You can also place new orders for bags, labels and containers via My pages. You create your account and log in smoothly and securely with the help of BankID. If you do not have a BankID, you can also create an account and log in using your email address and password.