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Connect your association to Pantamera Express

Connect your association to Pantamera Express

Now both your association and your supporters can easily deposit in our large depositing machines Pantamera Express, which are located all over the country. within a week the money will be at the association account. As a Pantamera Express customer, your association do not need to order recycling containers or labels and you can collect your cans and bottles in whatever bags you want. Unsorted. Isn't that great?

In the Pantamera Express machine, you deposit a lot, quickly and easily by emptying the entire bag into the machine. The association receives compensation for all deposit cans and deposit bottles. The association can also receive some compensation for imported cans. NOTE! The machine cannot receive damaged cans.

Keep in mind that if you deposit in a municipality other than the one you belong to, you can only deposit at the recycling centre. You are not allowed to throw away waste and other things there.

How does it work?
  • Bring your deposit to a Pantamera Express machine.
  • Empty the entire bag in the machine, which both sorts and counts the deposit.
  • When the deposit has been calculated, select "Donate to association" as the payment method. Select the correct association on the screen and complete the donation by pressing "Confirm". Remember that only associations that is registered with us will be selectable for donation in the Pantamera Express machines.
  • Within a week, the deposit money is inserted to the association's account linked to the Plus- or Bankgiro service. If the deposit amount is less than SEK 10, it is saved on the association's customer card in the meantime.
Connect your association to our association concept

As an association customer, you have access to the customer portal My pages. Here you can easily follow your errands, see statistics on how you deposit and your paid compensation. Here you can also add or delete users. You create your account and log in smoothly and securely with the help of BankID. If you do not have a BankID, you can also create an account and log in using your email address and password.