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What can I deposit?

What can I deposit?

All cans and bottles with a Swedish deposit marking are included in the Swedish deposit system. These packages have passed our inspection before they were connected to the system and are thus guaranteed to be recycled into new cans and bottles. The fact that a package can be recycled means that you pay a deposit for it at the time of purchase, which you get back when you return the package.

A package that is deposited can be recycled into food-approved aluminium or plastic. This means that the material can be used for new cans and bottles again and again and again... In addition, the closed material recycling means that we save enormous amounts of carbin dioxide. According to a life cycle analysis that we carried out in 2018, we saved as much as 150 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide during the 2017 recycling year.

Swedish deposit levels

The deposit on cans and small PET bottles are SEK 1 and SEK 2 on big PET bottles. For you to get back the deposit on your cans and bottles it demands that:

  • it is included in the Swedish deposit system. Look for the deposit marking.
  • that the barcode is undamaged and readable (in the machines, all approved codes are registered and the register are updated every week).
  • that the package remains intact and not flattened (that way it does not meet the correct dimensions).

Deposit on fruit syrup (saft)- and juice bottles

Since September 2015, producers of fruit syrup (saft) can optionally connect to the deposit system and in 2018 it opened up for producers of juice packages to also connect to the deposit system. The fact that producers of fruit syrup and juice packages themselves choose whether or not they want to connect their products means that not all fruit syrup and juice packaging are included in the deposit system. Look for the deposit marking!

How does it work with these?

Aluminium cans without a Swedish deposit marking - "imports"

Every reverse vending machine - with a few exceptions - now also accepts foreign aluminium cans so that they can be recycled into new cans. It is important that the barcode is undamaged. However, you do not get paid a deposit for them, as you did not pay a deposit when they were purchased.

PET bottles without a Swedish deposit marking

We can not accept PET bottles that are not included in the Swedish deposit system as it is very important that we are sure of which plastic materials, adhesives, etc, that have been used when producing it, for us to be able to recycle it into a new food aproved package. Packages that for example contain schampoo or detergent can not be mixed with packages for beverage and are not included in the Swedish deposit system. These packages are left for plastic recycling.

Glass bottles

At Pantamera we are only responsible for the deposit system for metal cans and plastic bottles. We do not handle glass. Glass with a deposit are deposited in the grocery trade, while disposable glass is left for glass recycling (igloos for coloured and uncoloured glass).