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Our business

Our business

Some know us as Returpack, others as Pantamera. And everybody is right. The brand Pantamera is driven by Returpack AB. Our operations are governed and regulated by the regulation on recycling systems for cans and plastic bottles; SFS 2005:220, where the Swedish Board of Agriculture is the responsible supervisory authority.

Today we manage the only approved recycling system for beverage packaging with deposit. Since the start in 1984, we have, along with other operators in the value chain, constantly developed the deposit system. We can see great opportunities to keep developing the deposit system to become even more sustainable and we have also verified the deposit system's positive contribution to the environment with the help of life cycle analyzes.

We place demands on the packaging's design, both in form and materials to be able to recycle materials as good as possible. They are collected, sorted into material flows and resold for the production of raw materials for new cans and bottles.

We have opened up the deposit system for optional connection of packaging of fruit syrup (saft) and juice. Optional connection means that packaging that is not covered by the return system can be connected to the deposit system.

Our vision

We contribute to a more sustainable society through the world's best deposit return system, where we collect all sold deposit packaging and recycle them into new depositable beverage packaging.

Our business concept

We manage a return system with deposit for recycling of beverage packaging made of plastic and metal in Sweden.