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Our business

Our business

Some know us as Returpack, others as Pantamera. And everybody is right. The brand Pantamera is driven by Returpack AB. We are a private company, jointly owned by The Swedish Brewers Association (Sveriges Bryggerier), The Swedish Food Retailors Federation (Svensk Dagligvaruhandel) and Livsmedelshandlarna (only in swedish). We are a producer responsibility organization in accordance with the ordinance SFS 2022:1274, which govern and regulate our operations. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency(Naturvårdsverket) is the permit and supervisory authority.
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Today we manage the only approved recycling system for beverage packaging with deposit. Since the start in 1984, we have, along with other operators in the value chain, constantly developed the deposit system. We can see great opportunities to keep developing the deposit system to become even more sustainable and we have also verified the deposit system's positive contribution to the environment with the help of life cycle analyzes. Returpack is the founder of theorganizations The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation (Håll Sverige Rent) and Städa Sverige (only in swedish).

We are responsible for collecting all deposit packaging from collection points and transporting them to our sorting facility in Norrköping. We purchase transporters to manage the collection and transport of cans and bottles. In our facility, the material is sorted, baled and resold for the production of raw material for new cans and bottles. We place demands on the design of the packaging, both in form and material, in order to be able to recycle materials in the best way. We have our own recycling facility for lid material, where the material is ground down and washed before it can continue into new plastic production.

The national recycling target for bottles and cans is 90% and we are getting close. In order to continue increasing the collection, we are working to increase accessibility and simplicity in the deposit system, as well as to influence attitudes and behaviour. This involves, among other things, informing and inspiring as well as designing campaigns aimed at different target groups and channels.

To pay for the collection, Returpack collects a packaging fee from the producers per package.

Our vision

We will contribute to a more sustainable society through the world's best deposit system, where we collect all the deposit packaging sold and recycle it to make new returnable beverage packaging.

Our business concept

Returpack offers a deposit-based return system for the recycling of beverage packaging made of plastic and metal in Sweden, a system that is a world-leading packaging cycle and that is highly attractive to both consumers and stakeholders.