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Become a customer

Do you want to connect your store to the Swedish deposit system and get your deposit collected? You can become a customer with us directly on your computer or mobile phone, fast and easy!

Become a customer

Become a customer - This is how it works

To be a customer with us is free of charge and in short means that you connect your grocery store to the Swedish deposit system. We will then pick up your cans and PET bottles, transport them to our facility and compensate you - both for the deposit itself and through a handling fee. The handling fee is the fee per can and bottle, in addition to the deposit, that the store receives as compensation for handling packaging that is included in the deposit system. The fee is meant to cover the stores cost for handling the deposit.

My Pages

As a store customer, you have access to the customer portal My pages. Here you can easily manage your business' deposit handling, see statistics on deposited packaging, paid compensation and the status of your reverse vending machines. Here you can also add or delete users. You also order extra pickups via My pages. You create your account and log in smoothly and securely with the help of BankID. If you do not have a BankID, you can also create an account and log in using your email address and password.

What does the monthly report look like?

The monthly report contains a list of emptying receipts paid out during the period and information on how much deposit has been paid out each week. The store can thus make a total and exact reconciliation with Returpack.

Why should the store save emptying receipts?

The receipt is a document of value and must be saved until Returpack's monthly report has been sent out. If the memory in the machine has been lost or the machine has not been read by the machine supplier, you can quickly see it if you check the receipt/machine number against the monthly report. Should a receipt be missing in the machine's memory, but you have the physical one, you can send it to Returpack for manual registration, and you will receive the correct payment. If the receipt from customers is missing, it can be dofficult for Returpack to provide the correct compensation.

Why is the can/bottle not work, why does the customer not receive any deposit?

This can be due to various things, for example that it is a foreign can that is not part of our deposit system, that the bar code is broken, that the can/bottle has lost its shape or that the can is no longer in our system (too old).

Will those who picked up the empty goods register the number of bags and cartons respectively?

Yes, the breweries' and wholesalers' carriers must make a note on the delivery note the number of bags and cartons that are picked up in each store. The delivery note is important to save for comparison with the monthly report. It reports how many bags and cartons that Returpack received and counted.

Who provides or picks up cartons and bags?

It is the breweries and wholesalers who both sell cartons and bags to shops and restaurants and collect the empty goods. Please note that only cartons and bags approved by Returpack are used.

I have a seasonal store, do I have to notify you before each season?

What is important is that you contact your deposit machine provider for a call. The store should always contact its deposit machine supplier both when opening and closing, to ensure that everything works and has worked.