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What can not be deposited through us?

What can not be deposited through us?

PET bottles without a Swedish deposit mark

We can not receive PET-bottles that are not a part of the Swedish deposit system as it is very important to ensure that the plastic material, adhesives can be used to produce new food approved packaging. Bottles that contain schampoo or dish soap, for example, can not be mixed with bottles for beverage and is not a part of the Swedish deposit system. These bottles are left for plastic recycling.

Glass bottles

At Pantamera, we are only responsible for the deposit system for metal cans and plastic bottles. We are not handling glass bottles. Glass bottles with a deposit are deposited in the grocery store, while disposable glass is left for glass recycling (igloos for coloured and uncoloured glass, respectively).

From 1 November 2022, Systembolaget will accept return glass in all stores. All Systembolaget stores accept return glasses in blue and red trays. Each individual Systembolaget store decides for itself whether they accept individual bottles.


But what about these packages?

Aluminium cans without a Swedish deposit mark - "imports"

Almost all reverse vending machines - with a few exceptions - can nowadays receive foreign aluminium cans so that they can be recycled into new cans. It is important that the bar code is undamaged. However, you will not receive compensation for these as you did not pay for a deposit when buying the can.