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Deposit handling in public spaces

Deposit handling in public spaces

Today, a large part of all beverages sold in Sweden are consumed on-the-go. In the city, in the park or on the beach, there is a greater risk that some consumed can or PET bottle will be forgotten or end up in the trash. So, where should the deposit can or bottle be left when it has been consumed outdoors? One solution could be recycling tubes! We want it to be easy to do the right thing, and it can hardly be easier.

Give and take - this is how it works!

The recycling tubes are installed next to the garbage cans in city parks and in other outdoor environments where a lot of people are moving. The drunk can or PET bottle is placed in the recycling tube, and someone else takes it and deposits it in a deposit machine. Everyone wins!

Our research shows that a deposit package placed in a recycling tube rarely stays in place for more than a few minutes before someone comes by and picks it up. In this way, the recycling tubes can contribute to reduced littering around the garbage cans, reduced costs for waste handling and increased recycling of cans and bottles.

Hey municipality!

Hundreds of Sweden's municipalities have already installed recycling tubes in their parks and urban environments. Do you want to set up recycling tubes in your municipality? Then you can help reduce litter around the garbage cans, reduce the cost for waste management and increase the recycling of cans and bottles.

We offer you 3 recycling tubes for free!

Use the discount code: HFX847.