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Reverse vending machines

Reverse vending machines

If your store already has a reverse vending machine, you only need to connect to the deposit system, by registering as a customer with us. When we have received your application, we will develop the solution that best suits your store.

If your store does not have an RVM, there are several suppliers and retailers that you can turn to. In collaboration with some of them, we have produced a guide for the type of RVM that a store should be equipped with depending on the store's deposit volume. As the conditions differ greatly between different stores in terms of finances, area, distribution of customer visits, seasonal variations, staff and focus, it is important that you turn to each supplier to discuss what is best for your store.

The machine is bought and owned by you. Every week, the RVM supplier reads the statistics of your RVM and we get the basis for being able to create your payment. At the beginning of each month, a monthly report is sent to you by Returpack. In it you can see the statistics of what is deposited in your store and get an overview of previous monthly payments.