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Pantamera and Keep Sweden Tidy

Together with the foundation Keep Sweden Tidy, Pantamera works to produce concrete, educational material aimed at preschools and schools. Together, we also have an ongoing dialogue with Sweden's municipalities about projects to increase recycling and thus contribute to reduced litter and a cleaner environment. Keep Sweden Tidy is an opinion-forming organization that works for reduced littering, increased recycling and to promote the environmental responsibility of individuals and organizations. Keep Sweden Tidy works through campaigns and projects, environmental training and the distribution of various eco-labels. Together with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, we are founders of Keep Sweden Tidy.

Material about depositing and recycling for educators and children

We often get questions from students who are doing schoolwork on the environment, recycling and depositing. To make it easier, we have collected facts, key figures and frequently asked questions about us and the Swedish deposit system that can be used as a basis for schoolwork and more.