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Collection conditions for association customers


Through its association concept, Returpack/Pantamera offers non-profit associations an opportunity to get a little extra money for the business by making an environmental contribution. Returpacks/Pantamera's association concept differs from Returpack/Pantamera's regular activities in that it aims to sponsor the non-profit association life and takes place without profit interest on the part of Returpack/Pantamera. The number of non-profit associations that can participate in the association concept at any time is limited. Following the application from a non-profit association, Returpack/Pantamera decides whether the association can be offered the opportunity to participate in the collection.

Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to non-profit associations that participate in Returpacks/Pantamera's association concept. By applying to participate in Returpacks/Pantamera's association concept, the association accepts these collection terms and undertakes to comply with them.

1. Returpacks/Pantamera's association concept is only available to non-profit associations. Furthermore, the non-profit association must have an organization number and post- or bank giro in order to participate.

2. When collecting, the association must separate metal cans and PET bottles in different bags. The can bags may only contain metal beverage packaging and at least 40% of the metal cans must have a Swedish deposit mark. Damaged metal cans are allowed. The PET bags may only contain PET bottles and all PET bottles (100%) must have a Swedish deposit mark. However, they must not be compressed. The bags must not contain rubbish, beverage residues or glass.

3. The association must use specially developed association bags. The association buys these via the association's web where you log in and click your way to the webshop. There, the association can also buy collection containers and other equipment. Prices can be found in the webshop. It happens that Returpack/Pantamera can sponsor corrugated containers and other containers - the association may in that case send an application to or apply via Pantamera's website.

4. Each bag must be marked with a label. The bags must be filled according to the left picture, the right picture shows an unapproved degree of filling.

5. The association must hand in the bags to one of the deposit points listed at The hand-in must be adapted to the conditions of the deposit point (number of bags, day, time, etc.). The association must therefore contact the deposit point in advance to receive information about the conditions that apply.

6. Returpack/Pantamera pays a standard fee to the association for each bag of collected packaging. The size of the standard payment can be found at The compensation is paid to the bank or plus giro number specified by the association in the application. Compensation is only paid for bags that meet the collection conditions. Compensation is not paid, for example, for bags that contain garbage, glass, mixed materials or for underfilled bags or for bags that do not have a label. At Returpacks/Pantamera's request, the association must take back unapproved bags at the deposit point, if the bags have not been discarded by Returpacks/Pantamera. An association can receive a maximum compensation for 200 000 metal cans/PET bottles per year. Thereafter, the association may apply to become a regular customer and thus send in the packages for counting.

7. Returpack/Pantamera can contact the association and ask for an account of how the association's collection is done. If the association, according to Returpacks / Pantamera's assessment, cannot provide a satisfactory report (e.g. for where, how and by whom the collection was carried out), Returpack/Pantamera may decide that the association may no longer participate in the association concept. Furthermore, Returpack/Pantamera has the right to reduce or completely refrain from paying compensation or to immediately terminate the cooperation with the association, if the association does not follow the collection conditions, has provided incorrect or misleading information or otherwise acts in a way that is not compatible with Returpacks/Pantameras core values. Returpack/Pantamera also has the right to immediately terminate the cooperation with the association, if there are problems in the recycling chain (collection point, collection, storage and handling in the factory) that Returpack/Pantamera can not handle in a cost or environmentally efficient way. Returpack/Pantamera always has the right to terminate the cooperation with the association with 30 days notice.

8. Returpacks/Pantamera is not responsible for any damage or cost that arises for the association, its members or employees as a result of the collection or otherwise due to the participation in Returpacks/Pantamera's association concept. [Disputes, which cannot be resolved by agreement between the association and Returpack/Pantamera, shall be decided by a general court with Norrköping District Court as the first instance.]

9. Returpacks/Pantamera may change the collection conditions without prior notice. New collection terms take effect when they have been published on