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10 ways to collect a lot of deposit

Collecting deposit packaging for your association can be a fun activity - as you both earn money and contribute to the environment at the same time. We have collected a few tips on how others who have recieved a lot of deposit have done. Maybe you can come up with even more ways?

  1. Set up goals to make it more fun for the people who are involved - how are you going to use the money?
  2. Tell family, friends and neighbours that you are collecting deposit for your association.
  3. Place containers or bags for collecting deposit at cups, home games or other events.
  4. Ask the nearest grocey store if you can put a container with a note that people can donate deposit, imported aluminium cans and damaged cans to your association (only associations receive compensation for imported and damaged cans).
  5. Put flyers in mailboxes that you will come and collect a deposit at a certain time or place.
  6. Do deposit collection activities at, for example, festivals, street parties or other events.
  7. Ask the municipality for permission to place a container for import cans and deposit packaging at the recycling station.
  8. Look for deposit packaging in garbage cans, in road ditches and at the same time make an effort for our environment.
  9. Advertise in the local press that people are welcome to donate cans or bottles to you to support your association.
  10. Check with local entrepreneurs and businesses if you can take care of their deposit - as a convenient and cheap way for them to sponsor your association.