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Are grocery stores required to accept cans and bottles in the deposit recycling system?

In Sweden, it is voluntary for stores to join the deposit system and receive deposit cans and bottles. At present over 3,000 stores all over Sweden have joined in.

We always recommend the stores to pay the deposit money to the customers in the way the customer wants - but we also know that stores, especially in Stockholm's inner city, often receive significantly more deposit cans and bottles than they sell.

This may mean that they need to make certain types of restrictions; sometimes in how many cans and bottles can be deposited at the same time, sometimes in the way that they want the customer to shop for the deposit money in the store. But this is not what we recommend, but we understand that they sometimes have to use different types of restrictions. It can sometimes be very crowded in the often small spaces that the shops in the inner city have, to both receive all new goods and return goods, deposit packaging and more.

We are constantly working to increase availability and simplify deposit recycling in Sweden. Part of that job is of course about ldeveloping different methods for paying out the deposit money. In our large ATM, Pantamera Express, you can, for example, choose to have the money paid out directly to your bank account.