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Deposit into your bank account

Now we have a smooth and easy service for you to get your deposit into your bank account via Mobilt BankId in all our Pantmera Express-machines. The only thing you have to do is download the app Min pant - and start desposit! The app is awailable both in App Store and Google Play. At this point the app is only in swedish.

Six easy steps:

1. Download the app MinPant

2. Create a profile and choose which bank and bank account you want your deposit money transferred to

3. Deposit in a Pantamera Express machine

4. Choose ”Överföring till konto” and verify by tapping at ”Skriv ut QR-kod för överföring till konto”

5. Scan the QR-code at the receipt and follow the instructions in the app

6. The money will show in your account one workday after the transfer.


Enklare kan det knappast bli!