Customers & Partners

95 percent of our volume is collected in food retail markets. We have approximately 14 000 customers of different types, from big supermarkets to small cafés, sports clubs, airports etc. Around 3 000 of these have their own Reverse Vending Machines. It´s voluntary and not obliged to take back containers, but as a Returpack customer, you will be compensated both for the deposit and the so-called handling fee for the return containers you send in.

Clean goods

Notwithstanding whether your return containers are counted manually or by an RVM supplier, the containers delivered to Returpack must be sorted, i.e. plastic bottles must be separated from metal cans. Otherwise, we will be unable to refund your deposit. Any glass or garbage among returned containers delivered to Returpack may damage our equipment, and in such cases compensation will not be paid out.

  • Customer registration
    It is free of charge to be a Returpack Customer. Today, Returpack has about 14 000 Customers of different types, from small cafés, sports clubs and airports to the biggest supermarkets, etc. You can be a customer with an RVM (Reverse Vending Machine) or without – a manual customer. In order to be registered as a customer, you need a bankgiro or plusgiro account. Personal bank accounts are not acceptable.

  • Customer with Reverse Vending Machines (RVM)
    Customers with RVM are mostly grocery stores and supermarkets. Returpack collects deposited containers in the so-called two-compartment truck from these customers. The deposit is refunded to the store, as the RVM supplier checks the number of containers that have passed through the machine every week.

  • Customer without Reverse Vending Machines (RVM)
    Deposit goods from customers without RVM:s (manual customers) are usually collected by their beverage supplier or wholesaler when delivering fresh beverages. The empty packaging is then transported to Returpack, where the individual items of packaging are counted. Payment is then made to the customer’s giro account.

  • Contact
    Phone number: 011- 19 19 80, from abroad, + 46 11 19 19 80

    Opening hours Customer Service:

    Monday-Thursday 8.00-16.30, Friday 8.00-15.30