Breweries & Importers

Since 2006, a regulation has been in force stating that all parties professionally serving or importing drinks ready for consumption in plastic bottles or metal cans must ensure that the product is included in an approved return system. (This does not apply to drinks that mainly consist of dairy products or vegetable, fruit or berry drinks.) Since September 1 manufacturers and importers of ”saft” can voluntary enter the Swedish recycling system.

Step-by-step: How to sign up to the Swedish deposit system for aluminium cans and PET bottles:


One basic requirement is for the company to be registered for VAT and corporate tax. The agreement only comes into force once you have paid the invoice for the SEK 10,000 annual membership fee. Below is a short description of how to register your company and your products.
1. Register your Company
2. Record your products with Returpack
3. Returpack tests and register your products
4. Returpack updates the deposit machines with the new information
5. You report your sales to Returpack every month

General Terms General Terms Optional Products Technical Specification and Marking Manual Register a new importer/producer Log in for importers and producers

Attachment fee

An annual fee of SEK 10,000 forms the basis for membership of Retupack´s recycling system. This fee will be forwarded to the Swedish Board of Agriculture, wich is the supervisory authority for this kind of activities.

Deposit & fees

It is your duty to pay the deposit and administration fees for each can and bottle. The fees are payable to Returpack. The deposit you pay will be refunded to you by the customer purchasing your Beverages.

Deposit and Fees


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